Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Breaking up on Christmas day

It's Christmas day and I got back from having dinner with a doctor. He's 30, single and unattractive. We went on a few dinner dates and one movie date and thought I might give him a try because he is rich after all and I like being dined in expensive restaurants. He bought me clothes, shoes, perfume and beauty products as a Christmas/New Years gift. I've become quite the gold-digger recently, and would never date a broke man if I can help it.

However, I broke up with him tonight. Why? He just...grosses me out. I feel ashamed walking next to him because he just looks physically unattractive (big nose, crooked teeth, oily-looking skin, small eyes) and he speaks like he is a young boy, so not macho. Once, his breath smelled really bad too and bad hygiene is a definite no-no in my book. He bored me too, with his long, constant talk about his occupation during dinner and not really asking me questions. You would think that a man in his 30's would be mature and protecting but everything he did just made me feel like I was the adult when I'm younger than him. Lastly, he dressed badly. Some funny black shoes that looks like it has been worn way too often, a cheap looking shirt and jeans. He boasts about his income so why not buy nicer clothes? I guess it's his personality. I may sound superficial, but I'm not always like this. A woman has her limits and when that limit has crossed, it's over.

I wasn't dating him and wasn't planning to, and when I told him that he didn't take the news well. He looked hurt and surprised. He admitted that he thought I would say "Yes" to him. At first, I made excuses to him but finally I revealed the truth and told him that I'm just not that attracted to him. I told him though that I wouldn't mind meeting him and having dinner but he said that he, as a man needs to fulfill his 'desires'. Enough said, I was grossed out. Too much honesty there; he actually declared, "Just having dinner with you like this is a friendly thing and I can't just accept that because I have sexual needs as well." EW. This statement is only acceptable when sexy men say it.

Regardless of stating my unattraction to him, he asked if I wanted to go drink with him after dinner. He said he wanted to talk things out but I thought it was a bad idea so I told him "no" nicely. He looked uneasy and wished me good luck and we walked away in different direction.

And that was all.